October 6, 2000

I got a new celly today. He’s kinda strange, I don’t know how well we are going to get along. He’s from upstate New York, which explains some of it to me. I’ve been up there, and the people I met make me want to start mimicking the banjo in that song on “Deliverance”.

Now I know that it’s dumb to say everyone up there is like that. I know. But at the same time, there is a little truth to all stereotypes as well. He doesn’t look like the type. He doesn’t even sound like the type. But his thoughts, his thoughts are…backwoods. I have a bad feeling about the whole situation. My reading has paid dividends already. With Serbia in the news so much lately, I understand a bit of the back history there after reading about the first World War. A Serb named Gavrilo Princip (also currently my alter ego in Clash of the Clans) started that war by killing the Archduke of Austria/Hungary.

black hand

My hope when I began reading history was to understand the world a little better and I feel like it’s working very well. I talked to a few of my friends on the phone last night. They are going to the birthday party of an ex-girlfriend of mine at the Rum Jungle. I have to say I am very jealous.


Just about all my close friends are going to be there. And thinking of Liz brought back some memories! Like the time she caught her older sister at my house. That was a good one. She slapped me then told her sister, “you better get out here now bitch!” The mother and two daughters all commenced to fighting on my front lawn.


Who needs Jerry Springer? My mom certainly didn’t that day. She watched the whole thing from the window.


window 2

(couldn’t resist that last one)

Ah…the good ole days.