Starting to realize that suing the state is an old pastime of many here. It’s the way many choose to fight their circumstances (probably because they already lost their appeal). People sue for a multitude of issues. There is a guy in a wheel chair in my unit. He is suing the state claiming they are responsible for his condition. Until today┬áhad no idea if he had a legitimate gripe, and to be honest I did not care. It was none of my business. So I’m in the gym earlier when I see the “disabled” man wheel in. He promptly rolls up to the exercise bike, hops out of his wheel chair onto the bike and begins furiously pedaling. Mind you, there is a cop up in the gun tower watching us, along with the other couple of hundred inmates, not to mention 2 or 3 gym coaches. I was so entertained I sat and watched him pedal for several minutes. So long in fact, I left. I had no idea when he would stop. I saw several others watching him too.