There was an incident in another unit worth telling today. On a little tangent however, I want anyone who reads this in the future to know that these stories are far from credible. I’ll try to give the straight dope when I can, but to get that is rare in here. You have to read between the lines…or here, maybe it would be better to say read between the lies. I’ll also try to make it clear when I think something is true and when something is bullshit. So here we go, there’s this guy named “Stick Chicken”(there’s probably never been a better or truer name).

He’s one of these guys here who knows a lot about the law. Probably was handling the Wheel Chair Cyclist’s case. This Stick Chicken is always suing the state. Word is he’s got a real good one brewing against them now. From what I heard the S and E team (search and escort) came to confiscate all his legal documents. Now the people telling this story would have you believe that they came to find a way to stop his lawsuit anyway possible. I have my doubts about this. I don’t want to be misunderstood however. By no means am I suggesting the administration here is above pulling such shenanigans. I just believe it is much more likely it was over something much less important. People here try to place everything in the light as us vs. them. And they romanticize a lot of the things we do to try to show us in a better light. The truth tends to be much more boring and ugly.

truth is subjective

To do other people’s legal work is in itself enough of a violation for them to come and toss his cell. This is something everyone knows Stick Chicken does. So even if the CO’s were sent on such a nefarious mission, they have an excuse to be there. There are many advantages to being on the side of the law it appears. Apparently, Stick Chicken did not take the incursion upon his property lightly. He began yelling and throwing shit at them (this I have no trouble believing). He of course was carted off to the hole. But let’s play devil’s advocate (no pun intended) and assume Stick Chicken was only searched because he had a legitimate lawsuit against NDOP; it is a frustrating fact that even when you are in the right here you usually cannot win.

devils advocate

True, this can happen anywhere. But, it is much more likely to happen behind bars. Innocent until proven guilty? It doesn’t even happen for criminals when they’re free. Here, forget about it.

innocent until proven