September 20, 2000

There has been a lot of talk about this “Angel Tree” program in here. It is a church program that provides presents for children whose parents are in prison.

It’s a pretty nice thing to do, obviously. But with this thing going on I hear a lot more talk about kids in here. How many they have, how well they know them, etc. It’s really sick how some of these guys think of their kids. I hear them joking with their buddies bragging that they have 3, 5, or even 10 kids like it’s a contest to overpopulate the world.

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Not everyone here is like that, but I say a healthy minority are, and that’s scary. I don’t have any kids, thankfully. I say that because I haven’t always been that careful. But I always felt that I needed to learn how to take care of myself before I could take a shot at taking care of someone else. Since I still can’t do that yet (as I sit here a ward of the state) I’m glad I didn’t leave any children without a father out there. Bringing a child into a criminal environment is a nasty thing to do. But most of these guys never even see them. Which is worse? Don’t know. But most of the guys in here grew up without fathers. And what they did know of these absent men was mostly not good. But to be raised as a thug, that really leaves you with little chance doesn’t it? Such men in here are a small minority, but some of the most hardened men. Most of us here don’t totally believe how we live is right. Imagine if you did.

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