October 5, 2000

Everyone is pissed off because we got our buckets taken away today. Every room was allowed to have one bucket to do laundry in. In here it was a serious luxury.

Funny the things you find as necessities here.You let your clothes soak in a bucket then hang them up to dry on a piece of string or plastic. When you send your clothes into the laundry they come back really nasty. So everyone just did their own. They even sell Tide on the canteen for that very purpose.

laundry line

We also used them as seats for when others came over.Funny side note: I ┬áheard a story that Charles Manson had so many TV’s in his cell he used to use them as seats. But that’s probably bullshit.


Apparently some guy went into the caseworker’s office smelling like wine. The caseworker had some officers go in his room and bingo, they found a half gallon of pruno in his bucket. Yes, there is that use too. There has been a steady supply of wine being made in our unit for a couple of months now. They call the process “batchin”. I imagine the lack of this amenity will make some even more pissed than others are about the buckets.

no pruno

Everyone is hoping they will give the buckets back. We’ll see. I saw some money in here for the first time. A guy pulled out a big ole wad of cash. Makes you wonder how they get it. It’s kinda weird when you see something that used to be so common place but now is almost completely absent.


It’s a strange feeling. I got a motion back that I filed in court. They set a hearing to determine whether they will send me my discovery packet. This is a copy of all the evidence the police had against you. There are some things I would like to know even though it really won’t change a damn thing.